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Iceland FAQ

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

• How did you get so interested in Iceland?
• Have you been to Iceland much?
• Did you publish your book about Iceland?
• What else have you written?
• Do you do talks about travel in Iceland?
• And when you are not writing?
• And?

How did you get so interested in Iceland?

I went on a summer hiking tour in August 2007 and knew I wanted to see more of that amazing landscape. After a few trips I realized that the landscape is entirely volcanic, and that is the key to understanding what I am seeing. When I started learning about the volcanoes’ history, I heard and read folktales and historic anecdotes about them, too.

Have you been to Iceland much?

I spent a couple weeks in Iceland every year from 2007 through 2017. I explored new areas on each trip, which is pretty cool since the island isn’t all that big. I was in Reykjavik for a few days each of the last few years. In September 2018 I was with a Viking Cruise “In the Wake of the Vikings.” In late summer 2019 my husband, Henry, and I stayed in Reykjavik in transit between Greenland and Newfoundland, visiting Viking settlement sites in those Western Atlantic locations.

Did you publish your book about Iceland?

No, I did complete a manuscript for a book on Iceland’s volcanoes and their stories a few years ago. Despite the book’s Introduction earning me Finalist status in the 2015 Pacific Northwest Writers Association non-fiction writers contest, the book gained no interest from publishers. The inability to get permission to include photos of historical volcanic eruptions in a self-published book was the final straw. The manuscript is on the shelf. Its currency aging with each new eruption and visitors center opening. The text includes stories about each of the volcanoes because they help distinguish the geologic features—and because the tales are important to Icelandic culture.

What else have you written?

Recently I have contributed hike descriptions to the Washington Trails Association guidebook on line at The International Travel News published an article I wrote after one of my trips to Iceland: ( reflections-on-southern-iceland). I have done a couple short pieces for The Mountaineers Magazine about historic forest fire lookouts magarchive/Mtr01-12.pdf p.38 and p.15). . For a while I explored interesting local environmental issues in articles for the South Sound Green Pages. Before that I wrote a lot of government reports—complex environmental and financial info written clearly for general readers.,

Do you do talks about travel in Iceland?

I love to share my photos and information about Iceland and its culture. I have given slideshows to outdoor clubs, libraries and senior centers. If you would like me to speak to your group, let me know and let’s see what we can work out.

And when you are not writing?

As you might suspect from the non-Iceland posts, I love to hike and explore the outdoors—mostly in the Pacific Northwest. When there is decent snow, I enjoy Nordic skiing. I don’t bike and paddle as much as I would like. And I dream about more international travel!


My husband blogs about creative solutions to the weight of backpacking equipment. We don’t have any pets but I do have visitation privileges to a herd of Icelandic sheep and a great view of the Independence Valley from the ridge where my Icelandic tutor lives.

Goðan daginn!