When I left my life in the office world in 2000, I began a life full of adventure. I started exploring the forests of the Pacific Northwest and gradually focused on Fire Lookout sites. I had an opportunity to visit Iceland in 2007, and that began a series of annual trips to explore that exciting island. Here I share discoveries and observations on both themes, with my current priority the Fire Lookouts of the Olympia Peninsula and Willapa Hills.

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    In October 2019 I organized a slide show about local fire lookouts for The Olympians Hiking Club in Aberdeen. I planned to share photos and what I knew and remembered from visiting all of the lookout sites in Grays Harbor […]
  • Fire Lookout FAQ
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions •Where are all these lookouts?• What are you working on right now?• What else have you written?• And when you are not writing?• And? •Where are all these lookouts?  I have visited over 500 fire lookout […]
  • Iceland FAQ
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions • How did you get so interested in Iceland?• Have you been to Iceland much?• Did you publish your book about Iceland?• What else have you written?• Do you do talks about travel in Iceland?• And […]
    FUTURE PUBLIC EVENTS: SATURDAY, DEC 18       LOST LAKE AWS STATION SITE This is a good winter hike on PORT BLAKELY TREE FARM ROADS, through rolling hills with possible views of the SATSOP TOWERS. 5 miles RT. Contact me for details. […]
    The two published inventories that I rely on for basic location and historical information disagree on the location of this fire lookout. Ray Kresek’s list reports it in Section 9 of Township 21 North, Range 7 West. Spring and Fish […]
    (Good News and Bad) The State (Division of Forestry, at the time) built a 54΄ pole tower with cabin on top on a ridge west of the Artic* townsite in 1948 and took it down in 1973. Until a few […]

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From December 2015 until December 2017, I had an opportunity to occasionally explore Fort Lewis for the remains of the five fire lookout towers that watched over that area, starting in the 1940s. Four are gone. Goodman Hill Lookout was still standing at that time; its current status is unknown. The essay below describes our […]


I went to a regional writers’ conference in September that offered really good ideas for writers who know they should plan to do their own marketing. I know I don’t read everything that is available on the subject of blogging, so there were a lot of new ideas for me. We all know that we […]


The Laki Eruption: Island on Fire?

During the second week of January the authors of a new book on the 18th century Laki eruption, Iceland’s most devastating volcanic catastrophe, made two presentations in Seattle. One was at Seattle’s largest independent bookstore, Elliot Bay Book Company, and the other a slideshow talk at Town Hall. One of the authors, Alexandra Witze, is […]


As much as I want to finish this book about Iceland’s volcanoes, I cannot let the glorious summer we are having in the Pacific Northwest go by uncelebrated! I have just spent three days camped at Kayostla Beach on the wild Pacific coast in Olympic National Park. This beach can be reached only by hiking […]

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